Abelica Global Running Team

07 Mar 2019

Taking on the Paris Marathon

For the 6th straight year, we are participating in the Paris Marathon to raise funding for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Kiss Goodbye to MS). Our 2019 team is comprised of nine runners from our firms around the world. This year, we’re representing France, the UK, and the USA.

The 42.195 km Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is now one of the most prestigious races and largest marathon events in the world. Our network is excited to take part, and to raise both funding and awareness for people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Please consider supporting us in this initiative by donating today! Click on one of the countries below to donate. All money raised will go towards research toward finding a cure for MS and helping those living with it today.

Kiss MS goodbye

Kiss Goodbye to MS is the world’s biggest international community of people fundraising for multiple sclerosis (MS). Each year 13 countries and millions of supporters come together to fundraise and campaign for a world without MS. Money raised will fund vital research into the causes, treatments and possible cures for MS, as well as help for people living with the disease now.

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Runners: 7

Money raised:


Runners: 1

Money raised: €607


Runners: 1

Money raised: €348