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I'm supporting Kiss Goodbye to MS

I am inspired by the work of Kiss Goodbye to MS and I want to do something to make a difference! So, in 2020 I will be continuing my odyssey of "WALKING A WORLD OF FRIENDSHIPS FOR MS ... 5 Km at a time" 

I started back in 2015, to celebrate my 70th Birthday and acknowledge 20 years of living with MS,  by travelling around the world, trying to raise funds for research in the countries I visited while also raising awareness for MS - with the vision of this ancient female WALKing wherever she could be seen.

We haven't kissed MS goodbye in the interim, so, in 2020 I am celebrating my 75th Birthday with my first cruise! I hope to sail the Baltic, visiting many countries where MS is prevalent and doing my 5 Km WALK wherever I can, with a stop en route in Iceland for a WALK on a glacier, the farthest I will ever be from the equator (which seems to be the dividing line for pwMS - the father from it you live, the more chance of being diagnosed with MS.) 

2020 will also mark my 25 years of living with MS and if you add the two number, 75 and 25, you come up with 100. Add a few more zeros ... and you come up with my goal of "100,000 something-or-others" - pennies, pounds, cents, dollars, euros. They all add up!

I hope you will support my journey by donating to this, the next stage of my personal odyssey to help find a cure for MS, knowing that, along with the thousands of women, men and children world-wide living with this rotten disease, I will never give in, never give up and will always keep S'myelin!

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