Run and bike to cure MS

By Judith Kalinowski

It certainly has been a while ...

... since I posted my last update!

A lot has changed - due to pain in my calves and knees I decided to not end the running part of the challenge. I finished the cycling part a long time ago. However, I asked my followers in Instagram, and, instead of running, we decided that I have to walk 250 km. I've not been good at this either, because I'm not a walking kind of person.

Since then, I was on nine walks (or rather nine walks which I tracked), which add up to:
8.64 + 22.2 + 8.5 + 3.72 + 6.23 + 8.83 + 5.89 + 3.9 + 5.47 = 73.38 km

I don't just want to give up on my part of the challenge, so I decided to give it two more months. As I'll move to Limerick, Ireland, in November I want to have walked the 176.63 km until then.

Please help me with whatever you can affort - MS is still a big burden to millions of people world wide!

Two cycles and a run

Since being at home I cycled twice and had one run.

The first cycle was a 40 k tour through the villages around the place where my parents live. It was really windy, but very beautiful and a lot of fun. I can't believe I have never been in these villages although I've been living close to them for 18 years! :D

The second cycle was a small one, but I tried to be very quick. It was a 5 k tour to a place where dad and I harvested some wild garlic. Of course it was 5 k back home too.

Then I had a 7.7 k run with dad. It was exhausting, but good fun! It felt good to start running again!

This means overall:

445.47 km - 40.53 km - 10.05 km = 394.89 km to cycle!
471.19 km - 7.71 km = 463,48 km to run!

Extremely windy cycle home (& first time over 100 km)

I can feel the tour from yesterday in my legs today. The longest distance I cycled before was about 60 k long. Yesterday, I decided to cycle to my parents and therefore doubled the 60 k. It was very cold (2 degree Celsius) and EXTREMELY windy from the front and side. Sometimes I was afraid my bike would be blown away 😆

But I made it and came home a few minutes before it was completely dark outside. I'm very proud of myself, but shattered as well!

563.7 km - 118.23 km = 445.47 km to cycle!

This means: more than half of my cycling challenge done! 🤗

Cycle with Ben and Nic

I had a nice cycle with two of my friends. The route was part of the tour d'energie which won't take place anymore due to the Corona Virus... :(

600.5 km - 36.8 km = 563.7 km to cycle!

First cycle with my new bike!

I had a first cycle with my new bike :) only a short one though!

623.7 km - 23.2 km = 600.5 km to cycle!

Tour d'energie and first time over 26km/h

I decided to take part in the "Tour d'energie" which is a bike race in Göttingen. I'll cycle the short tour (45 km).

Therefore, I wanted to get to know the route and cycled it today (with a few changes). On the top of the hill my best friend and I met another friend and cycled back to göttingen together.

Two days after, with tired legs, I cycled my standard route and, surprisingly, finished with a new personal best in average speed (26,3 km/h).

697.5 km - 50.7 km - 23.1 km = 623.7 km to cycle!

First time over an average speed of 25 km/h

This morning I couldn't concentrate on my uni work at all, so I decided to jump on my bike! I chose my standard route and, although it was extremely windy and I felt like not moving forward at all, cycled it in a new personal best. My average speed was with 25.6 km/h over 25 km/h for the very first time! Happy me!

Now I need to get back to the library, but first I can say that I'm in my 600s! :-)

720.7 km - 23.2 km = 697,5 km to cycle!

I really need to start the running thing!!

Honestly: The cycling part is going okay, but I'm definitely faaaar behind my running schedule!

Getting back into running is tough - I thought that the running part would be easiert for me, but no!

I had a 7.7 km run on a beautiful early Sunday morning.

478,89 km - 7.7 km = 471,19 km to run!

Hohen Hagen Cycle

A week ago my best friend and I had a beautiful and challenging cycle. We cycled to the top of the mountain "Hoher Hagen" which is part of a race called "tour d'energie" here in Göttingen.

The whole tour was 39.1 k long!

759.8 km - 39.1 km = 720,7 km to cycle!

My standard route and a cold steep cycle to Dransfeld

I have three cycles to add: my standard route (22.8 km) plus a cycle to Dransfeld, where I needed to help at an athletics event for kids, and the cycle back to Göttingen. It was freezing, but a lot of fun, and the frozen trees looked just beautiful! smile

815.8 km - 22.8 km - 17.5 km - 15.7 km = 759.8 km to cycle!

Christmas Run with Dad 🎅

On the 25th I went on a run with dad, who cycled next to me. I ran 6.61 km which was really exhausting because of the pace: When someone is cycling next to you you can't really slow down (at least I can't). I needed 31 minutes, but I hope this pace will be normal for me soon!

485.5 km - 6.61 km = 478,89 km to run!

Steep run with blurred vision and a nice cycle

It's hard to keep up while doing so much for uni. I've been running twice since I updated this page last. One tiny run (3.86 km), and one run which wasn't that long (approx. 7 km), but really steep and muddy and therefore exhausting!

The 7k run was so much fun though because I went through the forest with a friend, and the fresh air was amazing for body and soul. However, the steepness affected my vision, but I made it and im super proud of myself!

Additionally, I had a 23.1 km cycle with another friend. Therefore, this is where I am right now:

496.36 km - 3.86 km - 7 km = 485.5 km to run!

815.8 km - 23.1 km = 792.1 km to cycle!

54 km and MS aftermath

Today, the weather was amazing! Therefore I decided to try a longer cycle, and I chose a > 50 km route. The cycle was beautiful: I visited a castle and went through a pretty colourful forest and nice lonely streets.

In the second half, I started to feel exhausted, and my leg got a bit tingly. I still made it home and felt amazing and proud to have cycled that far! Now I need to rest and give my body time to get better, but I'm sure that I'll be all good by tomorrow!

869.9 km - 54.1 km = 815.8 km to go 🚴

Even the tiniest distance counts!

Almost two years ago, I ruptured my meniscus. This lead to me not being able to run normally for ages. Therefore I changed my running style and started to become a forefoot runner. Although it's fun, it's very exhausting for one's calves,a not really the best option if you want to run further distances.

Although my challenge started 1.5 months ago, I haven't dared to try my 'normal' running style again - but yesterday, the sun was shining so beautifully that I needed to try. I only ran a small distance of 3.64 km, but without pain (a year ago my knee started hurting after 100 meters!). Now I slowly need to increase the running distance, and then I can tackle the 500 km, step by step!

500 km - 3.64 km = 496.36 to go! 🏃

Not the most pleasant journey

After having spent the morning with my friend painting a bowl, I started to cycle. I chose my regular well known route, and I had so much fun. Honestly, I felt so energetic and powerful! Therefore I decided to try a new route, but without looking at a map. I cycled up a hill in a forest - unfortunately the path's ground changed to quite a stoney one, and since I cycled with my racing bike, I had to cycle the whole way back. At the end of the hill, I decided to climb up the second hill because I didn't just want to go back (I've been so adventurous!! No way I go back now!). At the top of the very steep hill, I had to go back as well: dead end :D

I ended up on my old route, but I could at least cycle for a bit longer this time so it's not the same trip over and over again. However, I spent so much time taking wrong directions that it wasn't sunny anymore but quite dark. 15 minutes later it started to rain a bit, it stopped again, and then it was pouring down. Obviously, I decided to not cycle for longer than normal and went home. I was soaked and had a long hot shower. In the end my cycle turned out to be longer than normal (ofc, the two hills... :D)

896,8 km - 26.9 km = 869.9 km to go!

First time over 30 km

Last Thursday, I went on a longer cycle - I wanted to try a new route and see if my body is okay with me cycling for more than 30 km. It turned out that it was a lovely trip (although I took the wrong turn four times and had to wait at a railway crossing for five to ten minutes), and that I could have cycled for much longer! Therefore, I my next goal is to do more than 40 km. Maybe next week?! smile

929.9 km - 33.1 km = 896.8 km to go!

Windy trip with two great people

A nice Sunday with a big breakfast followed by such a lovely autumn cycling trip with two of my best friends <3 952.2 km - 22.3 km = 929.9 km to go!

Quite a windy cycling trip

Yesterday I cycled 24.6 km! Which makes 976.8 km - 24.6 km = 952.2 km to go 🚴

The trip was quite windy, but the trees and fields were so nice and colourful. It was a good change to just sitting inside working on my essay. :-)

You can always follow my progress on my Komoot page:


My first 23 km

Today I truly started my challenge: I cycled 23,2 km! Which makes 1,000 km - 23,2 km = 976,8 km to go 🚴

You can always follow my progress on my Komoot page:

Thank you all for your support - I'm gassed I've already got three donations, and in total over 100€! That must be amazing people, thank you so much 💋🧡

I'm supporting Kiss Goodbye to MS

A few days ago I reached 1,500 followers on Instagram. When I started my ms page, I would have never imagined that so many people will be interested in my ms journey and that the ms community on Instagram would have such a huge impact on me.

That's why I want to celebrate us, and to do so I set myself a goal: I want to cycle 1,000 km 🚴 and want to run 500 km 🏃 within a year (which makes 1,500 km in total and equals my followers). While doing everything I can in order to reach this goal, I want people to support me - and thus collect as much money as possible for kiss goodbye to ms global. 💋 Kissgoodbyetoms is an organisation which collects money in order to support ms research. I chose this organisation because I'm sure there'll be a cure one day, and with our help it might happen earlier!y

On this page you can follow my progress, and you can donate any amount you like - even a single penny or cent is very much appreciated! 🥰

Let us support the ms research, find a cure, and kiss goodbye to ms! 🧠🎗️

P.S. Since I am having a cold rn, I will start the fundraising on the 1st of September!

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