Welcome to MS Voices

We are asking the world to join us pledging your support to Kiss Goodbye to MS. 

It is easy, simply click on the link below and you will be taken to our MS Voices Platform. On the platform you can record your video, simply follow the instructions and pause the video whenever you need a reminder of the manifesto. You can record any section, and any length.

Afterwards set up a campaign page and add your video to it, that way the whole world can see that you are armed and ready to Kiss MS Goodbye!

The best videos from each country will feature in 2019’s global campaign video, because individually you are a fighter, but together you can be fiercer, you can show the world what it means to be global!

Record your video using the links below:

The App: Mobile and Tablet

Online: Laptop and Desktop

Or, take inspiration from our Global Ambassadors